About me

I’m Sandor Kecskes. I help you in the world of IT and color your company days with the help of marketing. I’m always searching for the newest challenges. Our next project is not a “must” but our next goal.

What are you doing? What’s your job?

I’m writing articles, blog content, making the creatives, and after that, I optimize with the different analytical tools.

My oldest project is the TechBlogger.hu, which right now is about 3 years old. First, it started with some silly intent, but right now close to 10.000 monthly views and more than 2.000 subscribers.

Most of the time the relaxation means playing with the guitar.


Some certificates and interesting point...

… and the list goes on.

Which is always a reward after a successful project.

Do you have questions? Let's talk!

I’m always seeking to help, but if you have a good story I should hear about it.

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